Once your goods are ready for shipment before they will arrive at your company`s door it could be exposed by a various risk. Does not matter it is one-time transshipment or annual turnover, international or within the territory of Georgia, you need cargo insurance against the damage, destruction or theft / robbery risks.

Goods can be transported by land, by air, by sea or combination of there-of.

Ardi Group performs cargo insurance according to the international standards, particularly, according to the London`s Chartered Institute of Insurance (Institute Cargo Clauses - A, B or C). It mainly includes following full package of risks:
 Fire, explosion, thunder;
 Natural disasters;
 Flood (tsunamis, storm);
 Water damage (water intrusion in the vessel, flooding)
 Sink or collision with other vehicles with movable and immovable objects;
 Bridge damage, explosion;
 Drop or was away from board;
 Disappearance of the vessel or aircraft;
 Accidents during loading or unloading;
 The total accident;
 Loading or unloading of the packaging for the complete destruction;
 Theft, burglary, and robbery.
 Illegal actions of third parties, vandalism;
 All the necessary and expedient expense, aimed at saving cargo;

Sum insured is an amount based upon cargo`s invoicing price or value of cargo plus transportation expenses upon the insured`s request.

We offer insurance "door-to ‚Äď door" insurance principle, from starting transshipment till its storage at your company`s warehouse. You can also use the our online service and receive insurance policy ready for print dirctly on your computer.

We offer flexible system of claims payment and the consideration of the case, which includes the maximum participation of the insurance company in the damage assessment process which will save your time, money and will enable you to get your business losses quickly.