Ardi Group is one of the leader in corporate automobile insurance in Georgia. We offer wide ranges of auto insurance plans for your company`s needs - no matter you are using one or more car for your business, or a complete fleet.

Insurance shall be subject to:
 off-road vehicles;
 Mini-buses for Distribution and etc.

To help you select the right package for your business need, our insurance professionals will provide risk expertize for your commercial purposes.

Insurance covers:
 Partial or total damage as a result of a car accident (with or without driver`s fault)
 Vehicle damage as a result of fire / explosion and fall of the object
 Unlawful actions of third parties, vandalism
 Vehicle theft, robbery, burglary
 Vehicle damage of all kinds of natural disaster (including hail)
 Partial or total damage as a result of a car accident (including driver`s negligence – minor and major)
 Vehicle damage by force-majeure risks (war, civil commotions, riots, revolution, rebellion and etc.)

Along with damage to the vehicle`s hull, you can purchase "all-risk insurance policy" , which will cover in addition: 

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance - MTPL
This type of insurance covers the expenses of the insured vehicle by third parties linked to the life, health or property damage coverage. You are free to choose the total limit of liability from 5,000 U.S. dollars up to 1 million dollars.

Drivers and Passengers
Motor Accident insurance - MA
Driver and passenger accident insurance covers the material interest, connected with health and life of driver and passengers, being in the moment of accident in the insured car.
In this case, we cover any damage caused to life and health of car passengers, including driver, which may occur to them while sitting in or getting out of the insured car.
The total limit of liability you choose to 5,000 U.S. dollars to 1 million dollars.

Why choose Ardi Group for your motor insurance policy?
 Unlimited number of authorized drivers;
 Vehicles up to 5 years – repairing at relevant car`s brand specialized service centres;
 Full monitoring of repairing process and quality control;
 Evacuator free service throughout all the territory of Georgia during insurance case;
 Outdoor accessories insurance;
 Full coverage of force - majeur risks;
 SOS ASSISTANCE - fuel delivery, tire repair / replacement and etc. services in Tbilisi and around 25 kilometers from Tbilisi.
 No depreciation charges at the moment of claim;
 No claims bonus;
 Reimbursment process fastest and most flexible on market – only 1 week after representing all the claims documentation.

You can choose a suitable insurance package for your company - "Economy", "Standard", "Extra" or "Absolute". Or if you wish more, we will make unique design tailored specially for your company`s needs.